AVAIO Digital Partners Welcomes Thomas Nesel

August 9, 2023
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Construction management and engineering veteran joins AVAIO Digital Partners

Stamford, CT – August 9, 2023 – AVAIO Digital Partners (AVAIO Digital), a data center business developing sustainable hyperscale data centers in North America and Europe, welcomes Thomas Nesel as a Project Manager with expertise in construction management and manufacturing engineering. Tom joins the AVAIO Digital team to oversee the company’s operational processes and controls across its portfolio and to help lead AVAIO Digital’s multi-continent data center projects through the development process from entitlement and design to permitting and through construction into operation.

Bringing more than 11 years of experience to his role at AVAIO Digital, Tom previously worked for a top American construction firm, AECOM, where he successfully negotiated commercial terms and guaranteed maximum price contracts (GMPs) with world-class real estate developers for marquee projects. Notably, Tom ran the company’s risk committee process that systematically reviewed all proposals, guaranteed maximum prices, and performed key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring of Construction Management (CM) projects spanning multiple asset classes nationwide. This experience developed Tom’s present acumen for risk management and competitive positioning. Key accomplishments include the successful execution of GMPs and KPI performance of the 1,401-foot tall One Vanderbilt for Manhattan’s largest office landlord, the successful 2.16M square foot three-towered residential development Waterline Square designed by multiple internationally renowned architects, and JP Morgan’s new full-block 1,388-foot tall headquarters at 270 Park Avenue.

Tom’s process-oriented background and technical expertise stem from his studies in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Harvard University and his time as a manufacturing process engineer for the microchip maker GlobalFoundries.

We’re extremely excited about the unique expertise across real estate, manufacturing and engineering that Tom brings to his role at AVAIO Digital. Tom’s attention to detail and risk management expertise will be an invaluable asset to us as we work to develop scalable and sustainable hyperscale data center campuses in North America and Europe.

Laurance Lewis, Chief Commercial Officer of AVAIO Digital

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the AVAIO Digital team. It is exciting to be part of a leading effort to develop hyperscale data centers with sustainability top of mind. I look forward to applying my real estate knowledge, engineering background, and process-oriented skill set toward helping the company tackle the complex challenges of development while aiding our customers in achieving their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible,” adds Tom Nesel.

AVAIO Digital currently has sites under development in four countries across North America and Europe, with several additional sites under negotiation. The company’s data center developments offer build-to-suit, wholesale colocation, powered-shell, and turnkey solutions, for high-density workloads and hyperscalers, including power capacity for artificial intelligence and other big data and large-scale enterprise data center deployments.