AVAIO Digital’s Green Revolution: Minimizing Carbon Emissions in Data Centers

May 30, 2024
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Data centers are crucial in our digital landscape, yet their immense power consumption can contribute to significant Scope 2, or indirect, carbon emissions if not managed responsibly.  Recognizing this critical issue,  AVAIO Digital Partners (AVAIO Digital), is at the forefront of addressing the ecological implications associated with data centers. We are committed to pioneering sustainable solutions, applying a comprehensive approach to mitigate carbon emissions and establishing a new standard in how eco-friendly data centers operate.

Low-Carbon Grid Power

One of the fundamental steps in reducing carbon emissions is sourcing power from low-carbon grids. AVAIO Digital targets sites in regions where zero-carbon power is a significant or growing proportion of the energy mix. By connecting our data centers to these grids, we ensure that the energy we use has a lower carbon footprint from the beginning.

Low-Carbon Backup Fuels

While we strive to rely on low-carbon grid power, backup power generation remains critical for the reliable operation of data centers. AVAIO Digital works to procure low-carbon fuels for our backup power systems whenever commercially viable. This includes options such as HVO, hydrogen, biofuels, batteries, and RNG (Renewable Natural Gas). By investing in these technologies, we reduce the carbon impact of our data centers during critical periods.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

AVAIO Digital goes a step further by facilitating Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) with clients. These agreements support the addition of zero-carbon generation assets to the grid. By engaging in VPPAs, we not only offset our carbon emissions, but also contribute to the growth of renewable energy sources in the regions where we operate.

Direct Connect to Zero Carbon Power

Direct connections to zero-carbon power sources are a crucial part of our sustainability strategy. AVAIO Digital prioritizes the selection of sites that can secure direct “private wire” connections to specific renewable energy developments. This approach allows us to access clean power sources directly, reducing transmission losses and further minimizing our carbon footprint.

On-Site Renewables

AVAIO Digital’s commitment to sustainability extends to our facility designs. Our reference design for all data center sites includes maximizing solar canopies over parking lots and on facility rooftops. These on-site renewable energy solutions not only help power our data centers, but also reduce our reliance on external energy sources, thus lowering our carbon emissions.

As data centers continue to play a pivotal role in the digital age, it is imperative that they also play a role in reducing carbon emissions. AVAIO Digital is leading the charge by implementing a range of initiatives aimed at minimizing Scope 2 carbon emissions in our data centers. From sourcing low-carbon grid power and backup fuels to facilitating VPPAs, direct connections to zero-carbon power, and on-site renewables, we are dedicated to making data centers more environmentally friendly. Our vision is clear: data centers can contribute directly to the decarbonization of the modern economy, and we are determined to make that vision a reality. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable digital future.